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Volunteer Assignments


Nyyti’s group chat is a place where people discuss topics related to students’ lives and well-being. As a chat moderator, the main task – apart from providing peer support – is to keep things flowing; activate the discussion, introduce new or different points of view to the participants and to maintain an open and welcoming atmosphere. You can moderate remotely from anywhere. Each chat is usually done by two volunteers, or a volunteer and Nyyti employee. Chat moderators will have an orientation session before the first moderating ‘shift’.

Create content on our Instagram

Every Friday volunteers can take over our Instagram using both feed, story and reels posts. The volunteers create the content don’t have to do the actual posting themselves – Henri will take care of that part.

The topic of your content is totally up to the volunteer, as long as it touches the themes of studying and/or well-being in one way or another. Henri is happy to help with planning the content if needed!

Write on our blog

Would you like to share your thoughts and insights on how students’ mental health and general well-being could be improved? Our blog talks about everything related to students’ welfare, takes a stand on issues, and encourages further discussion. Check out our blog here.

Share your story

Want to share a story about something that touches you personally? You can write a story about your thoughts and experiences in life. You can discuss, for example, what gives you joy or strength. You can also talk about how you have found ways to overcome challenges you’ve encountered as a student. By sharing your story, you can empower others and help others make realizations about their own lives. We publish these stories on our website and social media channels. To share your story, go here.

Students Mental Health Day

Nyyti’s volunteers have the opportunity to arrange either live or online events on their campus in connection to Student Mental Health Day and it’s campaign. If you would be interested in this type of project, please contact our volunteer specialist directly.