This page is where we post students own experiences of living and dealing with mental health and life management difficulties. Nyyti believes students should have a place to express their experiences as this can be a cathartic benefit and shows others they are not alone. This can inspire others to talk about their experiences and break down the barriers of stigmatization by challenging the stereotypes of people living with mental health difficulties.

If you would like to share your own experiences or tips on how to deal with the different challenges that life can throw at you, then we would love for you to create a story for us. This story can be created in any medium you feel comfortable expressing yourself in, for example a written story, a video story, an audio story, comic strips, pictures, drawings, poems etc. you can be creative!

We have had recent requests from student groups for stories surrounding the topics of homesickness, integration, loneliness and how to meet Finnish people. If you have a story around these topics in particular they would be very much appreciated by other international students.

For guidance on how to create a story for us and how to submit your story, please click here (link).



Julia Back

Everybody is different


Everybody is different I’m like you, but then again, I’m not. We are all different but also alike. We are…

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It’s just ok


It’s just ok As a foreigner, I experienced the loneliness right after I arrived to this land. I was trying…

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