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Data protection notice

Nyyti ry has a serious attitude to processing individuals’ data appropriately. This means fair and transparent data processing and complying with data protection regulations. The rights of a data subject are respected, and data is only processed lawfully and only to an amount necessary for carrying out Nyyti ry’s tasks and activities.

Nyyti ry complies with all data protection regulations, including General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) of the European Union.  

Personal data processing is made transparent by giving the data subject a possibility to receive information about how their data is processed in Nyyti ry. Transparency requires the availability of personal data processing documents which show decisions, selections and implementations made, along with their justifications.

A risk assessment is made to determine the needs and measures to ensure personal data protection. The risks are assessed according to the functional needs of Nyyti ry as well as the rights of data subjects and their personal data.  

Nyyti ry purchases services from an external partner. When Nyyti ry’s external partner processes data on behalf of it, Nyyti ry is responsible for ensuring that data is processed according to the same principles as in Nyyti ry. Different personal data registers’ privacy statements specify the external partners that process the data in these registers.

Personal data breaches or the risk of data breaches will be investigated, reported and communicated depending on the severity of the case.

nyyti ry data protection principles:

  • Lawful, Fair and Transparent
    Personal data must be processed lawfully, fairly and in a transparent manner in relation to the data subject
  • Purpose Limitation
    Personal data may only be collected and processed for a specific and lawful purpose, and it cannot be processed inconsistently with the original purpose later.
  • Minimisation of Data
    The personal data being processed must be appropriate, relevant and limited so that they are necessary for a specified purpose of processing. 
  • Accuracy of Data
    The personal data being processed must be accurate, correct and up to date when necessary.
  • Storage Limitation
    Personal data will only be stored for as long as necessary in relation to the purpose of processing in question.
  • Confidentiality and Security
    Personal data must be processed in a confidential and secure manner which protects against unauthorised and unlawful processing, and from accidental loss, destruction or damage of the data.

social media and other platforms

Nyyti ry uses social media platforms Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and Discord and their statistical tools in social media user monitoring and analysing application use. The data collected from the applications is not connected with personal information or other information received from cookies. Nyyti ry performs Facebook and Instagram marketing based on the information provided by the apps. We comply with terms and conditions of the social media platforms. We also communicate via Tuudo mobile app which has its own statistical tools for user monitoring and application use analysis. website uses a third-party application that provides users with Nyyti group chat, Mielentekoja one-on-one chat and bot services. These services are administered by Ninchat. Nyyti ry does not collect personal information from chats. The chat discussions are recorded for Nyyti ry’s professional guidance, and its own development and research purposes. If anonymous chat discussions are shared for external research purposes, Nyyti ry will ensure that no identifiable personal information is given.


Cookies are used when personal information is processed in browser-based data processing systems. Cookies are small text files that a browser saves on the user’s device. Cookies are used for providing services, making it easier to log in and collecting user statistics. User can reject these cookies in their browser, but in this case the services might not work as intended.

Nyyti website uses cookies and third-party applications for developing its services and improving user experience. The third-party services or applications on Nyyti website have their own terms and conditions that are followed. Cookies are used for tracking website visits. We analyse for example from which site our visitors come to ours, which are the most popular sites on and how a user moves on our website. We collect technical information on the user’s devices and browsers and whether the user has visited our website before or not. Cookies are also used for recommended content, targeting advertisements and improving the overall quality of the service.

Personal information is never used for identifying a single user.

By visiting website, you allow cookie use. If your browser does not use cookies, please note that some services might not work as intended unless cookies are allowed.

data protection contact person

Minna Savolainen, Executive Director