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Mental Wellbeing for Students

Nyyti ry

Nyyti ry is a national Finnish non-profit organisation, which operations are supported by Ministry of Social Affairs and Health with proceeds from Veikkaus.

Nyyti ry promotes students’ mental health by providing versatile information and activities about mental wellbeing and coping with everyday life while studying. In addition, Nyyti ry supports professionals working with students by providing training, materials and networks as well as mentoring and coaching. Among students, study communities, professionals and society, Nyyti ry aims to increase awareness of students’ mental health and ability to study as well as awareness of means having an influence on these matters. Nyyti ry also aims to reduce the stigma and prejudices associated with mental health problems.

Nyyti ry is contributing to ensure that future well-being of employees in Finland is sufficient for the needs of working life, as tomorrow’s working life and well-being are being made today.

Mind matters!

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