In 2024 it will be 40 years since Nyyti ry was founded! 💪💥 The organisation was founded in November 1984 by students of the University of Helsinki who saw that:

The challenges of students’ mental health and loneliness should be prevented and students should be supported there where the challenges occur, i.e. in study communities. Fellow students who work as volunteers play a central role here.

A square divided in half from the upper right corner to the lower left corner. Upper half white, lower half black. Nyyti ry's logo in the upper left corner. 40 years in yellow in the middle of the picture. Text below: Mental health work for students

A lot has been included in 40 years, but the core ethos has remained and is the central idea in Nyyti ry’s operations. A strong organization of experts and influencers built around the core. We will vigorously continue our work together with students, professionals and our partners to ensure that every student’s right to mental health will take place.

We celebrate our 40-year journey throughout the year in various ways, e.g. at the beginning of April during Student’s Mental Health Week, which is held 8-13 April 2024.

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