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Students’ Mental Health Day

This year’s students´ mental health day is on the 19th of April 2023.

Student Mental Health Day is celebrated every spring. This year, the day is Wednesday, April 19. and the campaign lasts the whole 16th week.

Students’ Mental Health Day is a campaign day organised by the Student Wellbeing Network. During the day and campaign related students’ mental health situation is highlighted and everyone is encouraged to act to promote students’ mental health. The campaign is coordinated by Nyyti ry.

This year’s campaign theme is moderation. You can participate in the campaign by organising an event related to the theme, by making your own social media communication, or by implementing some small-scale act that promotes mental health in your own or the study community’s everyday life. The campaign is intended for all those studying in universities and at upper secondary level, professionals who work with students, and others interested in the subject area. So, the campaign is for everyone!

Contact information
Tommi Yläkangas
Specialist, influencing
tel. +358 50 366 7786