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About the theme


Our daily lives are full of performing. For students in particular, life is a balancing act between different demands and objectives. Pressure not only comes from studies and related factors, but also from other sources. For example, personal finances, social media, social relationships and leisure activities can, at their worst, push you to the limits.

Many of life’s injustices stem from a variety of structural and social factors. The loan-focused nature of the student financial aid system, first-timer enrolment quotas, certificate-based selection, strict progression requirements and the underlying performance-oriented culture are examples of structural factors that place a strain on the everyday lives and ability to cope of students.

Together, we can influence structural factors, but the truth is that big ships turn slowly and structural change takes years at best. It is also true that, even if the excesses are not self-induced, we can change our own behaviour much more quickly to improve our well-being.

Through this year’s theme of moderation, we encourage you to pause at the excesses in your own life and think about how you can moderate your own life. Above all, we encourage you to stop together with others.

Welcome to the Students’ Mental Health Day campaign!

Join us – Mind matters!