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Students need support to promote and maintain their mental health and mental wellbeing, as well as their ability to study and cope. By donating, you support our activities. The raised funds will be used to promote students’ mental health and ability to study and to prevent mental health problems.

Donate – Mind matters!

Nyyti ry’s fundraising license number is RA/2020/1102. Check out the fundraising permit here (pdf in Finnish; opens in a new window).


There are several ways to donate. Choose the one that suits you best.

Directly to the Nyyti ry’s fundraising account

Donations can be directed to Nyyti ry’s fundraising account: FI03 8146 9710 2053 28, DABAFIHH

Payment card or online payment

You can make a donation through Lahjoittamo directly to Nyyti ry. Payment methods include online, card and mobile payment. Here you can access Nyyti ry’s own page in Lahjoittamo (the link leads out of the site and opens in a new window. Information is in Finnish.)

Donating with MobilePay

Here’s how you use MobilePay to donate:

  1. Open MobilePay and sign in
  2. Press send and enter Nyyti’s number 76167
  3. You will see “Nyyti ry” as recipient
  4. Add the amount you want to donate and select your payment method
  5. Swipe to accept the transfer

SMS donation

  • Donate 5€,  send an sms 5 NYYTI to the number 16588
  • Donate 10€, send an sms 10 NYYTI to the number 16588
  • Donate 20€, send an sms 20 NYYTI to the number 16588
  • Donate 30€, send an sms 30 NYYTI to the number 16588
  • Donate 40€, send an sms 40 NYYTI to the number 16588

Implement a Facebook charity campaign

Facebook’s function gives everyone the opportunity to start their own charity campaign, through which donations are directed to Nyyti ry in its entirety.

Setting up a collection is easy and only takes a few minutes. You can then invite your Facebook friends to join. Your friends can donate to your fundraising campaign with a few clicks without leaving Facebook, with payment cards and PayPal as payment methods.

Here for Facebook’s charity campaigns – choose Nyyti ry as the collection target (link leads out of the site and opens in a new window)