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For students

Hi and welcome to our page! The our operations are in mostly Finnish, but on this page we have summarized our activities and services we provide in English. Take a look and join us!
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Nyyti’s Chat

In Nyyti’s group chats you can share thoughts, experiences and feelings related to student life. You can give and receive peer support on matters that are important to you or trouble you. We have chats in English at least once a month. To participate, go to our Chat page!


Are you in the final stages of your studies? Would you like some help to find your direction and
potential? Would you like to get support in order to get out on the job market and identify your
career goals? Come and join NyytiCoaching!

Back to Campus checklist

Students in Finland have been away from campuses for nearly two years, studying remotely and mostly all alone. This period is now coming to an end, and the transition ahead can be rocky.
Check out the essentials for your IRL comeback or first arrival, download the checklist here!

Learn Life Skills

Our Learn Life Skills website provides you with information and tools that can help you enhance your own wellbeing.  We also recommend reading and downloading our Wellbeing Skills booklet for your personal use!


On this page, you can find experiences of living and dealing with mental health and studying, shared by other students. Nyyti believes students should have a place to express their experiences, as this can be cathartic and show others that they are not alone. This can also inspire others to talk about their experiences, and thus break down the barriers of stigmatization by challenging the stereotypes of people living with mental health difficulties.

Would you like to share your own story with us? Find information on how to share your story here.

Find help

On this page, you can find information about different professionals who offer students and young adults help in English. Apart from peer support or professional counceling, we also strongly advice to seek medical help if you have concearns regarding your mental health. If you have an
emergency, call 112. Remember – you are not alone!

Become a volunteer!

As a Nyyti volunteer, you get to contribute to the mental wellbeing of your student peers. Your thoughts and experiences are an important source of knowledge and support for us and to other students. Help us create the kind of student culture where mental health and compassion matter!

Who is Nyyti ry and what do we do? More information about Nyyti ry here.