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Nyyti ry

Nyyti ry

Nyyti ry is a national Finnish non-profit organisation founded in 1984. Our operations are funded by Finland’s Slot Machine Association (RAY).

The purpose of our operations is to support students’ mental health and life management. We aim to improve students’ study skills and ability to cope with everyday life as well as related peer activities. Moreover, we aim to enhance the skills of people in charge of mental health promotion and problem prevention among students and in student communities.

Our operations are guided by our values of communality, openness and student wellbeing. The key principles governing all our work are equality, inclusivity and partnership.

Nyyti has eight member organisations. The general meeting is the highest decision-making organ. The Nyyti Board of Directors is responsible for strategic leadership according to the decisions of the general meeting. The executive director of the board serves as staff supervisor.

The aims of our operations:
  • Enhancing students’ skills in maintaining mental health and study ability
  • Ensuring that student communities promote and support the mental health and study ability of students
  • Increasing social awareness of students’ mental health and study ability and related factors
Our key activities:
  • Supporting the mental wellbeing of students, for example by providing information and peer support online and through volunteer work
  • Enhancing the skills of people who work with students and student communities, for example by providing information, training and co-development
  • Exercising social influence in matters important to students’ mental wellbeing
Our target group:

Students form the direct target group of our activities. The content of most of the action directed to students is intended for university students and young adults. Some of our activities are also well suited for students in general and vocational upper secondary schools.

Another target group comprises student communities and professionals working with students, with whom we aim to enhance students’ mental health. Our operations are also directed to opinion leaders, including decision-makers, experts and the media. We wish to engage them in promoting student wellbeing and affecting the related interplay of factors.

Read more about our activities for students.

Nyyti ry – mental wellbeing for students.

Survey on Nyyti ry’s Web Activities - Win a Gift Card

We are gathering feedback on and suggestions for the future regarding Nyyti’s web activities, website, and online content. Your opinion is very important to us, and it will help us develop our operations.

The survey is meant both for students (upper secondary level and higher education) and professionals who work with them. The results shall be analysed in confidence and anonymously so that none of the participants can be identified based on the answers.

Those who leave their contact information get a chance to win a gift card of 100 € to Verkkokauppa.com in a raffle. Contact information is not combined with the answers.

It only takes 5 – 10 minutes to fill out the survey.

Student – use this link to take the survey: https://my.surveypal.com/Verkkotoiminnan-kysely-2018-OPISKELIJAT-EN

Professional – use this link to take the survey: https://my.surveypal.com/Verkkotoiminnan-kysely-2018-AMMATTILAISET-EN