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Contact information

Organisation’s information

Nyyti ry
Elimäenkatu 26
FIN-00520 Helsinki

Entrance: Kuortaneenkatu 1, Helsinki


Media contacts

Minna Savolainen
Executive Director

tel. +358 44 589 6117


Brown-haired smiling woman with glasses. The woman is wearing an orange dress with a denim jacket on top.

Minna Savolainen
Executive Director

tel. +358 44 589 6117

A female and smiling person with blond hair is wearing a light-colored shirt.

Laura Kallio
Development Manager

tel. +358 50 476 0940

A male presumed person in front of a white background. The person has dark short hair. The person smiles and looks straight into the camera. He is wearing a light blue shirt.

Tommi Yläkangas
Influencing Specialist

tel. +358 50 366 7786

Black-haired smiling woman with dark-rimmed glasses. The woman is wearing a black sweater, with an aniline red t-shirt underneath.

Arja Kero
Specialist, Communication

tel. +358 50 409 0508

A brown-haired person is looking at the camera and smiling. They are wearing a dark shirt.

Joni Tuokko
Organisation Coordinator

tel. +358 50 501 4299

A female presumed person. The person smiles and she has light brown hair. She is wearing a dark shirt.

Leena Tuuttila
Specialist, Mentoring Activities

tel. +358 50 431 8624

A woman smiles and looks at the camera. She has light brown, semi-long hair and glasses. She is wearing a short-sleeved yellow-white pattern dress.

Päivi Kohta
Specialist, Group Activities

tel. +358 50 572 4819

Smiling woman with long brown hair. The woman is wearing a light dress with a dark green polo shirt underneath.

Essi Rantanen
Specialist, Online Activities

tel. +358 50 521 0042

A brown-haired smiling man with a moustache. Henri is wearing a t-shirt with blue and white stripes.

Henri Heikintalo
Specialist, Volunteering

tel. +358 50 557 3144

A female presumed person in front of a light background. The person has brown shoulder-length hair and wears a black shirt dress. The person is smiling and looking at the camera.

Sini Forssell
Specialist, Education Activities and YTM-project

tel. +358 50 599 9514

On the white background in black: Coming soon

Katri Takala
Specialist, Content Production

tel. +358 50 445 0321


Picture with a man standing in front of a white backround wearing a striped shirt. Smiling to the camera.

Samuli Hietala
Project Manager

tel. +358 50 585 5436

A male presumed person is smiling in the picture. He wears large glasses with gold-colored rims. The person is wearing a blue sweater.

Atte Rimppi

tel. +358 50 476 0627

Sateenkaariopiskelijoiden mielenterveys -project

A middle-aged, plumpish male-assumed person looks confidently smiling into the camera. He is wearing a wool sweater that matches the colours of his eyes.

Anders Huldén
Project Manager

tel. +358 50 370 2601

Person with a shaved head smiling and looking to the camera. They're wearing a black t-shirt dress and rainbow earrings.

Sanni Laurila

tel. +358 50 360 1876

Yksinäisyystyö korkeakouluissa -project

Brown-haired smiling woman with dark-rimmed glasses. The woman is wearing a black t-shirt with white stripes.

Annina Lindberg
Project Manager

tel. +358 50 341 7473

Blond haired woman wearing a black dress.

Emmi Kyyhkynen

tel. +358 50 433 8828

Ympäristö ja tulevaisuus mielessä -project

A smiling woman with quite short, blond hair. She is wearing a flower patterned, blue-toned blouse.

Hanna Rintala

tel. +358 50 553 1558