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Become a volunteer

As a student, you’re a first-hand expert in students’ mental health. Welcome to join us!

As a Nyyti volunteer, you get to contribute to the mental well-being of your student peers. Your thoughts and experiences are an important source of knowledge and support for us and to other students. Come and create the kind of student culture that puts mental health and compassion at the center stage!

As a volunteer for Nyyti, you can:

Read the descriptions of each assignment here. If you’d like to try more than one assignment, you’re welcome to sign up to several at once. You can also tell your ideas for new volunteer


Signing up as a volunteer does not bind you to any volunteer activities. When you have signed up, we will contact you with additional information regarding the assignments you have shown interest in.

We process applications once a month. In urgent matters, please contact our specialist directly.
More information about how to sign up and what’s expected of a volunteer can be found on the
Sign up & volunteer information– page.

More information:
Henri Heikintalo, Specialist in Volunteer Activities
050 557 3144