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Share your story

If you would like to share your own experiences or tips on how to deal with the different challenges that life can throw at you, then we would love for you to create a story for us. This story can be created in any medium you feel comfortable expressing yourself in, for example a written story, a video story, an audio story, comic strips, pictures, drawings, poems etc. You can be creative!

We have had recent requests from student groups for stories surrounding the topics of homesickness, integration, loneliness and how to meet Finnish people. If you have a story around these topics in particular they would be very much appreciated by other international students.

If you would like to create a story for us, you will find some advise on what to write about and how to submit your story below;

What To Write About

Don’t think that you must be Shakespeare or Picasso to participate, the important thing is to share your thoughts and reflections with others.

What can your story be about?

  • You can create your story about experiences of managing mental health difficulties whilst in higher education.
  • You can create your story about how to tackle different challenges in higher education.
  • You can create a story about how to talk to friends – whether supporting a friend who’s struggling or opening up about your own difficulties.
  • You can create a story around strategies that have helped you overcome your mental health difficulties.
  • You can create a story about the ways in which you have learned new life skills.

These stories can generally include thoughts, feelings and experiences. They can also include where you draw strength from, how you care for yourself and how you found solutions to the problems that you faced.

Before publishing

The stories will be reviewed before they are posted, so remember to respect the privacy of people you refer to. Individuals should not be able to be identified. We will contact you before the story is posted on the site so that you will have the final say over it being published on multiple media channels. The stories will be published on our website and shared in our social media channels. You can write under a pseudonym or your own name.

Sharing your story is also one of our ways of volunteering! We highly recommend that you also sign up as a volunteer while sharing your story, so you can be a part of our volunteer community. Read more about our volunteering and sign up here!

For more information please contact:

Henri Heikintalo, Specialist of Volunteer Activities
050 557 3144

  • Type or paste the text of your story here or paste a link to the story, e.g. a Youtube link, Google drive link, OneDrive link etc.
  • Please write a few sentences to describe yourself that can be published along with your story. You can include things such as your age, the subject that your story is about, your interests etc.
  • Please enter your email below so that we can contact you about your story. Please note your contacts will not be published, used for marketing purposes or given to third parties.
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