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Sign up & information

Our volunteer work aims to fortify mental resources and compassion in others and in ourselves. Familiarize yourself with Nyyti’s mission and values before you sign up.

As a Nyyti volunteer, you take part in improving the mental well-being of students studying at universities in Finland (finnish or international students). If you’re finishing a degree at a finnish university but live abroad, or you’re doing an exchange semester either in Finland, or abroad for a finnish university, you can also volunteer with us.

In order to volunteer you must be over 18 years old and a student. We can make some exceptions, for example if you have recently graduated or your studies has been temporarily interrupted for any reason.

Unsure if you can volunteer? Contact our volunteer specialist.

How do I sign up?

  1. Acquaint yourself with our volunteer assignments.
  2. Read the information on this page.
  3. Sign up here!

As a volunteer, you get:

  • tools and resources to improve mental well-being in others and in yourself
  • guidance and mentoring from Nyyti’s employees
  • an invitation to Nyyti’s Volunteer Community on Discord (starting 2023).
  • invitations to additional training courses in English when organized
  • a certificate and reference of your time as a volunteer if you want one.
  • Some degrees require volunteer work as part of their course curriculum, it is possible to do some hours with us. If you have a need for a specific amount of hours during a specific time period, please contact our specialist directly.

We also have an active co-operation with universities regarding thesis work and internship
programmes. However, you cannot apply for an internship through the Volunteer Programme or our sign up form. You can request for one or more volunteer assignments to be included when you start an internship at Nyyti.

What we expect from you

You can participate whenever you have time for it. Open volunteer assignments are shared with our volunteers monthly through our internal newsletter, which you will start to recieve when becoming a volunteer. We expect that you’ll keep your end of the agreement – if it turns out that you can’t complete an assignment, please let us know as soon as possible.

We expect the volunteer to have their own technical devices required to perform our assignments: a computer and for our social media assignments, a smartphone. All of Nyyti’s volunteer work can be done from wherever in Finland since it is all online, incl. meetings with Nyyti’s employees.

Volunteering is not the same as a contractual employment: you will not get paid for volunteer work. However, volunteers are insured by Nyyti ry for personal injuries while volunteering. We recommend you to keep records of any hours and assignments you do for us.

Most of our volunteer assignments does not require training in order to do them. We do however require you to undergo a specific training in order to qualify for peer counceling duties. Training for this assignment is done remotely. You always have right to recieve guidance regarding any
volunteer work you do for us from our employees. Book a meeting, send us a Whatsapp- message,
call us – we are here for you!

If you’re given access to any login details, passwords, or other confidential information, be sure to only use them for your Nyyti volunteer duties and keep them safe from everyone else. Names, email addresses, and completed assignments and hours etc. will be stored in our registry in order to send our newsletter to adequate recievers, connecting volunteer partners with each other, send mandatory feedback and evaluation surveys to our volunteers and certificates when requested. Read more about Nyyti’s Data Protection Policies here.

More information:

Henri Heikintalo, Specialist in Volunteer Activities
050 557 3144