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Instructions for volunteers

Our volunteer work aims to fortify mental resources and compassion in others and in ourselves. As a Nyyti volunteer, you take part in improving the mental well-being of students studying at universities in Finland. If you study at a finnish university, but currently live abroad, you are also part of our focus.

You can participate when it suits you and you have time. However, we expect that you’ll keep your end of the agreement – if it turns out that you can’t complete an assignment, please let us know as soon as possible. Volunteering is not the same as a contractual employment relationship; you will not get paid for volunteer work.

In order to volunteer with us, you must be over 18 years old and a student yourself while active. We can make some exceptions, for example if you have recently graduated or your studies has been temporarily interrupted for any reason.

If you want, you can familiarize yourself with Nyyti’s mission and values (in Finnish) before you sign up to be a volunteer.

As a volunteer, you get:

  • tools and resources to improve mental well-being in others and in yourself,
  • an invitation to Nyyti volunteers’ Facebook group (you can join even before completing your first task as a volunteer),
  • invitations to volunteer trainings and meetings.
  • a certificate/reference of your time as a volunteer if you want one.
  • Some educations require volunteer work as part of their curriculum, it is possible to do hours with us. We also have an active co-operation regarding thesis work and internship programmes.

Most of our volunteer assignments does not require training in order to do them. We can however require you to undergo training regarding specific volunteer assignments, such as our chat counseling, remotely. You can receive guidance regarding any volunteer work from Nyyti’s employees.

If you are given access to any login details, passwords, or other confidential information, be sure to only use them for your Nyyti volunteer duties and keep the information safe from everyone else. Names, email addresses, and completed assignments of our volunteers will be stored in our registry, to send feedback- and evaluation surveys to those who take part in our activities, certificates and to connect you with a possible assignment partner.

Nyyti’s volunteers are insured for personal injuries while doing volunteer work.

More information:

Linda Lindström, Specialist in Volunteer Activities
+358 50 530 2449