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Participate in the campaign

You can participate in the Students’ Mental Health Day campaign in many ways. Campaign with us for mental well-being. Students’ Mental Health Day is made together!

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Organize acts or events in your community

On Students’ Mental Health Day, 13 April, we will act for mental health. We invite everyone to come up with ideas and small actions for increasing mental wellbeing. Everyone can come up with acts and events. Imagination is the only limit when coming up with acts. If you post about your activities on social media, remember to use the campaign hashtags #GoodEnough and #OpiskelijoidenMielenterveyspäivä.

Here you can find tips for act ideas. When you know what you’re going to organize on Students’ Mental Health Day, let us know by using the accompanying form.

Participate in the #GoodEnough social media challenge

You are allowed to make mistakes, fail and be less than perfect. You are #GoodEnough just as you are. You are enough.  

Participate in the Students’ Mental Health Day campaign during 7–14 April 2022 by sharing your own image, video or story that demonstrates the imperfectness of your daily life. Tag your content with the hashtag #GoodEnough. Then tag your friends or different organizations and encourage them to do the same.   

By lowering the bar and abandoning the pursuit of perfection, we can increase compassion for ourselves and for others as well. Facing others and reducing your feelings of pressure is easier if you don’t have to pretend that you live in a perfect world. Together we are good enough at making a change! You are #GoodEnough.   

Share information about compassion

Right now, we need to improve coping and increase the sense of belonging. Share information about the importance of compassion and self-compassion, stimulate discussion and encourage everyone to make compassion a part of their everyday student life. For assistance in doing so, check this article about compassion.

Join us – Mind matters!

#AivanHyvä #HeltBra #GoodEnough