Saaruska’s story

My story starts in junior high school, and at the time, I put my issues down to the pains of being a teenager. When you’re feeling bad, your loved ones will see it if you let it show.

Before starting senior high school, I was still saying that everything was fine, I just felt bad.

My friends made me see a school psychologist who referred me to an adolescent psychiatrist. When I was old enough, I was then referred to an adult psychiatrist who was the first person to tell me what was really wrong with me. Even though as a teenager I wasn’t able to articulate what the matter was, and therefore no one could really give me any advice, it was helpful just to have someone who would really listen.

I burdened my friends a lot with my dark thoughts before I sought help. Borderline personality disorder wasn’t easy and still isn’t. I’m still proud that I sought help because my emotional resources wouldn’t have been enough, and I almost dropped out of high school.

For some reason, seeking help is scary, and I almost didn’t do it. The point of this story is that no matter how scared you are, you should respect your own wellbeing and future self. You will thank yourself in the future, and it’ll all be worth it!

I’m just starting my long-term treatment, and I couldn’t be more excited in a good way or prouder of myself. Take care of yourself and don’t be afraid of help <3

The background of the story

As a part of the #HelpWorthy campaign we collected students’ stories about seeking help and the challenges associated with it. We published the stories during the campaign period between 12 and 23 April 2021 to show how multifaceted experiences students have had when seeking help. This story was published as the first of a total of seven stories. You will find the other stories on the campaign page.

With the #HelpWorthy campaign around Students’ Mental Health Day, we wanted to encourage young people and students to share their own experiences. Above all, we want to encourage you to seek help whenever you feel the need.

When you need support, there is help available. The most important thing is not to be left alone with your worries. You will find various bodies, which offer help to students and young people in various challenges in life, by category on our website.

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