Welcome to Nyyti’s chat platform for the exchange of thoughts and ideas between you and your fellow students. The chats will cover subjects surrounding issues that affect student’s daily lives.

In spring 2019 we don’t have chats in English. Chats in Finnish will be held on Thursdays, from 18:00 to 20:00.  You will find the chat window below and you can check Nyyti’s Netiquette here.

Future chats dates and subjects are below;
17.1. Teitkö uudenvuodenlupauksen?
31.1. Opiskelija + uni = mahdoton  yhdistelmä?
14.2. Mitä kuuluu?
28.2. Opiskeluelämää masennuksen kanssa
14.3. Mikä minusta tulee isona?
28.3. Mikä mua ohjaa, kuuntelenko itseäni?
11.4. Ahdistaako opiskeluarki?
18.4. ruotsinkielinen chat: Hur mår du?
25.4. Kiire ja hoppu – oon ihan loppu
9.5. Riittäkö rahat?
23.5. Teetkö opintoja kesällä?
6.6. Elämää sinkkuna
20.6. Kesä ja yksinäisyys


The group chat is meant for all students. You won’t have to register or sign up prior to the chat. The conversation will be held via usernames. Chats will either be focused on one specific topic. Chats will also be attended by employees and volunteers of Nyyti and occasionally by experts from different fields.

While the chat is in progress you will be able to include yourself in the conversation by typing your message in the area under the chat window and then pressing enter. You will then be prompted to create a username for yourself. You can participate or leave the chat at any point. When the chat is closed, you will still be able to view previous conversations in the chat window.

Give us Feedback

You can give us feedback about the chat using the form below. Tell us what works, what doesn’t, and how we could improve the chat service. So, go ahead and share your thoughts, requests, and ideas with us. You can also offer ideas for themes for use in future chats or give feedback to the hosts of the chat.

You can leave us feedback anonymously, and comments you leave us won’t be made public. If you want a personal response to your feedback, you can leave your email address and we’ll get back to you. Thanks for your feedback!

Note! The field below is meant for feedback. Messages meant for chat need to written in the chat-window above.