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Happiness is an inner psychological state that feels good. Joy and happiness are positive emotions that empower us and promote wellbeing. Joy, laughter, and a positive state of mind release energy, make new things possible, promote learning, and open up avenues for problem-solving.

Since happiness is a psychological state, each person is the best judge of how happy they are. The experience of happiness depends on many things: whether you feel healthy, well, and supported by close people you can confide in and talk to about all your issues.


Happiness based on pleasure or material things is often short-lived. Moreover, focusing directly on the pursuit of happiness is not the best way to increase happiness. Longer-term happiness, which boosts wellbeing, is a by-product of living.

You can increase the experience of happiness:

  • by focusing on good relationships with family and friends
  • by paying attention to and helping others
  • by doing interesting things that are meaningful to you


For one week, write down all the things that make you feel happy

Write down things, events, and your emotions. Include your everyday encounters with others.

After the week, assess which things contributed most to your happiness.

Pick out a few things that boosted your wellbeing the most.

Think about whether you could do these things more often.