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Finances and living

Manage your finances


Kela is an independent social security institution supervised by the Finnish Government. Kela’s website gives you information about what kind of financial aid and support you can get depending on your life situation.

Penno – Manage your money

Penno is an online service that helps you manage your finances. By entering your income and expenses in Penno, you get an oversight of where your money comes from and where it goes. You can also set savings goals and thus prepare for the future. Penno’s service is cost free and helps you to save for your dreams!

The Consumers’ Union of Finland

The Consumers’ Union is a Finnish non-governmental organization which is dedicated to promote the consumers interests and rights nationwide.

Consumer Advisory Services

Consumer Advisory Services is a national service that provides information about consumer rights and mediation assistance in disputes between consumers and companies.


Housing advice (ARA – The Housing Finance and Development Centre of Finland)

According to ARA, rental debts and payment disruptions due to rent are the most common reason why customers need housing advice. Housing counseling is arranged in at least 54 municipalities in Finland. In most other municipalities, the service is provided as part of the municipality’s social services. Find out how the service is arranged in your particular municipality!