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Mental health

FSHS – Finnish Student Health Service

FSHS provides health services, also in mental health for students in universities or other institutions of higher education. By paying the healthcare fee to Kela, you are entitled to get help by remote consultation, use the online services, and book an appointment.

Crisis Helpline (MIELI – Mental Health Finland ry)

For crisis helpline in English, call 09 2525 0113 on Mon, Tue at 11-15, Wed at 13-16 and 17-21, Thu at 10-15. When calling from outside of Finland, please call +3589 2525 0113

MIELI – Mental Health Finland’s Crisis Helpline offers conversational support for people and their relatives in difficult life situations. The calls are received by professionals and trained volunteers. The helpline is open for everyone, regardless of gender, age, or place of residence. The goal is to be able to help in challenging situations and to prevent suicide. The professionals help the caller to find options and methods to facilitate situations, strengthen their own resources, and solve the problems.

MIELI is an expert organization of mental health and increases knowledge and awareness about mental health issues throughout the society.

Finnish Red Cross

The Red Cross organization offers help and support for loneliness, sudden accidents, wellbeing for families and mental health.

Youth Shelters (Finnish Red Cross)

The Red Cross youth shelter operates in five different locations in Finland, and offers conversational support, help, and if necessary, a temporary accommodation for youths in age of 12-19.

The Eating Disorder Association of Finland (Syömishäiriöliitto – SYLI ry)

The organization of eating disorders increases knowledge and understanding of the diseases and offers support for the suffering and their families.