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Goals are always based on values and needs. Goals may also be based on dreams. Accordingly, the goals can be very much forward-looking or shorter-term goals. Working with goals is worth some practice. Be patient and kind to yourself, especially when the goals you set are related to your thoughts, actions, and lifestyle. Sometimes, progress towards goals is slow or there are setbacks.  


Tips on how to achieve your goals: 

  • Think about a concrete goal and how it relates to your values. Express it as precisely as possible and write it down.
  • Break the goal into smaller milestones that lead towards the main goal. Write down the milestones.
  • Write down the small steps that lead to the milestones. Think about what you can do tomorrow, next week, next month, or six months from now. Take one milestone at a time.
  • Reward yourself not only for successes but also for good efforts! 
  • You are the expert on your own life, but you can ask for and receive support as you move towards your goals. 
  • Accept unexpected changes and adversity as part of life. Sometimes there will be setbacks, but try to take them as learning experiences. 

A certain amount of planning is good. Solve one issue at a time, by taking one small step at a time. This makes even big goals achievable and possible. If you feel like you can’t get started, take even smaller steps. 

Sometimes plans don’t go as we had anticipated. This is normal, and adversity can happen. But don’t be discouraged. Review your plan, make the necessary changes, and move on. 

Be patient and kind to yourself. Sometimes changes take a lot of time and require a lot of practice. Remind yourself that you are good enough just the way you are.