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The Back to Studies cards for the staff

The Back to Studies cards are free to use – you can download, save, or print them. You can also tell others about the cards or link them to your own materials. We would love to hear your feedback on the cards or what you will use them for. You can send feedback on the cards by email to

The cards are aimed at the staff of higher education institutions, but the content will, of course, be useful for other levels of education. The cards have been designed so that you can quickly glance at them to see what to consider in guidance and teaching situations. Their purpose is to help understand the different needs of students and to provide tools for addressing those needs. 

The cards included in the set are “Staying mindful of mental health challenges in studies”, “ADHD”, “Autism Spectrum”, and “How to talk to and offer help to a student”. For support in using the cards, we recommend you watch our Expert by Experience webinar series, which you can find hereThe webinars are spoken and subtitled in Finnish.

Staying mindful of mental health challenges in studies

How to talk and offer help to a student


Autism spectrum