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Here you can find communications materials on the project and content for our partners.

Here is a short video introduction to our project. You can find the text equivalent in english below the video:

At universities, people are engaging in demanding and creative brainwork. The professionals and influencers of the future emerge from the university. That means us whose skillsets related to life and work highlight humanity and relationships more than ever.

For work to be meaningful and for us to have the courage to think creatively, we need a safe space and the possibility to get to know one other as persons.

We need compassion for universities, the ability to empathize and encourage each other. We also need self-compassion.

In this project, we will support universities in building a compassionate culture.

Together we will focus on invoking our compassion skills and self-compassion.

We think that the whole university community is needed for building a caring and encouraging atmosphere, which is why we direct our activities at personnel and students alike.

In personnel training, we look at compassion as a wellbeing factor that affects not only our performance but also our relationships and feelings of meaningfulness.

In the training, we will exercise our compassion and self-compassion skills as a part of developing our own pedagogical expertise. Together we will strengthen the conditions that support expressing and receiving compassion. We will also focus on ways to promote compassion on the level of operational culture.

With students, we will focus on attentive encounters and interactions. We are developing a group mentoring model where the students can together stop and focus on compassion and co-passion and the possibilities these approaches offer for their own lives and study communities.

Compassion involves action and the courage to act. That is why we, together with the students, are developing concrete ways to act for the good of others, both at the university and in the students’ own environment in general.