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We may think that fun things are big and unique, like a big party, graduating, or a trip abroad. However, everyday fun moments don’t have to be big or special. It is the small, daily moments in everyday life that put us in a good mood and support coping.

The fun moments in everyday life can be small things: listening to music, baking, going for a run, or having coffee with a friend – something that makes you feel good. But they are also a way to liven up your everyday life and boost your mood, which in turn gives you energy.

It can sometimes feel like there’s not enough time to fit anything fun into your day. It may require some practice before you start noticing the joyful moments in your everyday life. But it’s worth the practice, because the ability to notice the good moments helps you focus on what’s good in life.


You shouldn’t just wait for the good times to happen. You can start to organise them consciously. Mark a fun moment in your calendar for tomorrow. It could be a slow breakfast, watching your favourite TV show, or going for a walk – what would your favourite moment be?

When you decide to organise something small and enjoyable for each day, you’re taking care of your wellbeing and supporting your ability to cope. Plus, there will be something fun to look forward to every day. You’re better able to get through difficult moments when you think of the good times ahead.

Sometimes, it’s hard to identify and find the things that are fun and bring you joy in your everyday life. It may be helpful to look back on the things you used to like in the past – things that relaxed you, took your mind off problems, made you laugh or just put you in a good mood. You can take elements from the things that were fun in the past and inject them into your present day. You can also take ideas from fun moments shared by others and mark them in your calendar.

We all have our personal mental health, and caring for it is important. Our mental wellbeing varies from day to day. Stress can build up excessively in the rush of studies and everyday life. It is important to pause and take advantage of the small moments in everyday life that help us to relax.