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Many people sometimes think, “I can’t do this anymore”, “This is not going to work.” It’s easy to forget your own wellbeing first, although it should be your number one priority for coping with the challenges of everyday life.

When you take care of yourself, you’re telling yourself that you’re important and worth investing in. You can learn to be kinder and gentler towards yourself. You should notice your successes and positive changes. Accept that you’re not perfect and you’ll make mistakes, but you’re still valuable.

Try to approach things through your personal resources and by encouraging yourself. When faced with adversity, focus on solutions rather than problems. And dare to dream – dreams give you strength in your everyday life.


By identifying your strengths and resources, you can make better use of them and gain more energy. Resources can be your personal qualities or things in your environment that energise you and move you in the right direction.

Resources can include things such as

  • good relationships
  • a systematic personality
  • the ability to plan for the future
  • a familiar local shopkeeper who sells bread approaching its sell-by date at a bargain price

There surely are things within you and in your environment that will give you strength. Localise your resources and try to use them in as versatile a way as possible in different situations. This will help you maximise their beneficial effects.


A power statement can help you see things the way you want. This means you are consciously using the power of your thoughts to help you cope. You can use the power statement as a general motto in your life or a feel-good idea in the face of challenges. By using a power statement, you convince yourself over and over again that you are good enough and that you will manage.

A power statement can help you see things the way you want.

A good power statement encourages and cheers you on, for example:

  • Your wings will carry you. No doubt about it.
  • Live, laugh, enjoy!
  • Happiness is not a destination but a way of travelling.
  • Not because I have to, but because I can.
  • Be kind to yourself: if you wouldn’t say something to a friend, don’t say it about yourself.

Source of the mottos: Nyyti ry / Motto campaign 2015