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Nyyti’s principles for a safer online space

Interacting in the Nyyti chat or other Nyyti online activities will be more comfortable when everyone follows a common set of rules, the ‘safer space’ principles. So, please take a look at the principles below and follow them. The principles are designed to create a comfortable and safe atmosphere where everyone can exchange ideas and talk.


  • Be open and listen – don’t make assumptions.
  • Be respectful and cordial. Respect others’ physical, mental and emotional boundaries, as well as their privacy and right to self-determination.
  • Make sure you and other participants have a good time – if you need help or support with a problem, ask your tutors.
  • Take care of your privacy. You decide what you want to share. Remember that anything you publish may still be found online years later.

Respect can be expressed with a matter-of-fact curiosity. If you don’t understand something another participant says, you can ask open-ended and non-judgemental questions.

Inappropriate and harassing behaviour will be addressed

  • Aggressive language and harassment are not good manners and will not be tolerated.
  • The other participants’ experience, the way they describe themselves, their gender, sexual orientation, racial or ethnic origin, or religion should not be questioned.
  • Insulting, badmouthing, criticising or making allegations about another participant, a person or entity outside the discussion by name or otherwise in an identifiable manner is prohibited. Only write what you could say to someone’s face.
  • Sharing inappropriate, defamatory, offensive, obscene, or illegal material or information in the chat is prohibited. The legal responsibility for the content of a message lies with the author of the message.
  • Nyyti chats are a hate speech-free zone; racist or otherwise discriminatory language, such as comments related to race, origin, gender, religion, and sexual orientation, is prohibited. Racist or otherwise inappropriate nicknames are also not allowed.
  • Purely sharing experiences of substance abuse should not be part of the discussion, and incitement to substance abuse is prohibited. Discussion of substance abuse is allowed when it is related to the topic of discussion and the author’s life situation and includes a perspective on reducing substance abuse or its harms.
  • Remember that the law also applies online. This means that workers have a duty to report any concerns about the welfare of a minor or any other illegal activity to child welfare services and/or the police. The anonymous online service allows authorities to trace data if necessary.

NOTE! Inappropriate and disruptive behaviour will always be addressed. In the chat or other Nyyti online activities, the moderator will intervene in inappropriate behaviour by issuing a warning and, if necessary, by silencing or even removing the harasser.

By following these principles, we can create a comfortable and safe atmosphere for sharing ideas and experiences.