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When solving problems in a solution-focused way, you focus on what works. You notice even the smallest steps towards your goal. Solution-focused problem-solving aims to move forward and avoid blame. The solution-focused method is based on three principles:

  1. Only fix what’s broken.
  2. Do more of what works.
  3. Do less of what doesn’t work.

Using a solution- and resource-focused approach, you can move forward using the following methods:

  • Pay attention to what works. What you focus on will grow.
  • You have all the necessary resources for making a change or solving a problem. You are going to do the best you can with what’s possible right now.
  • You are the best expert on yourself, your work, and your relationships. You know what’s good for you.
  • You set your own goals, according to your own will and desires.
  • There are many solution models to problems. Look for solutions that differ from the way you normally do things.
  • Playfulness, humour, creativity, and positivity are important in finding new solutions.
  • Even big problems can be solved with small changes.
  • It is more useful to create an idea of what the solution will look like than to focus on the past.
  • Use your own experiences and the experiences of others to solve problems.
  • Brainstorm solutions together with others.
  • Remember to give feedback to everyone involved in the solution.  Thank yourself and the others involved.