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Kaksi naisoletettua halaavat valoisassa huoneessa, jossa istuu kaksi miesoletettua

Thanks to all of you that shared your thoughts and feelings with us during our time together!

mielenTEKoja- chat was anonymous, confidential, free of charge and had a drop in- policy. The chat offered peer support to all university students, incl. international and exchange students. Students could chat once a week in English. The chat was operated by trained peer councellors and employees of Nyyti ry. Our program was a co-operation project between Nyyti ry and TEK – Academic Engineers and Architects in Finland. Our final chat was 21.3.2022.

How can I find the chat?

You joined the chat through a blue pop up window in the lower right corner on this page. You can still find information and help through the yellow Nyyti- bot.

Where should I go for help now?

For continued peer support we recommend Nyyti’s group chats. If you are in need of aid or other kind of support, visit Nyyti’s Find help- section. We strongly advice to also seek professional medical help if you have concearns regarding your mental health. If you have an emergency, call 112.

What about my data?

The chat did not collect any personal data about it’s users in accordance to GDPR. Chat logs were stored for professional guidance and research purposes. The chat and it’s bot was operated through our service provider Ninchat.

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For information about the project, please contact:

Linda Lindström
+358 50 530 2449