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#Letsdosomething – Students’ Mental Health Day 2020

Thank you to everyone who participated in the Student´s Mental Health Day!
Hundreds of acts built communality during difficult times.
Next year the campaign takes place on 12.-23.4.2021 and the official day is on 22 of April!

Students’ Mental Health Day will be held again this spring. The day will be Thursday 23 April, and the campaign will run for two weeks, from 14 to 24 April 2020. Our goal is to provoke conversations about students’ mental health and to invite everyone to support the cause of mental wellbeing. Behind the scenes of the campaign is the Student Wellbeing Network coordinated by Nyyti. The campaign contents are especially inspired by Nyyti’s Yhdessä yhteisöksi project.

Campaign theme 2020: Friendship

Students’ Mental Health Day has a different theme each year. In 2020, the campaign theme is friendship. With the #letsdosomething campaign, we want to highlight the significance of friendship to students’ wellbeing and mental health. Friends and belonging to a study community have an enormous effect on wellbeing. Friends are one of the biggest sources of support. Students belonging to a study-related community consider their studies less burdening and feel that they have more energy for their studies than those without a support network. That is why it is important for students and everyone working with them to support communities and create new ones. The campaign will be fully implemented on social media. Stay tuned and follow our hashtag: #letsdosomething and #mitätehtäis!

Participate in the #Letsdosomething campaign!

On Students’ Mental Health Day on Thursday 23 April, everyone is encouraged to participate in the #letsdosomething social media campaign. We challenge everyone to come up with ideas and organize different events and activities to increase friendship and a sense of community. The mental health day is open to all, to students and professionals alike. Imagination is the only limit when inventing acts, and you can use our material bank as support when coming up with ideas. Read more and report your or your friend groups own act.

Participate in the #Letsdosomething social media challenge!

Friendship is important for mental health, which is why we are talking about it on Students’ Mental Health Day on 23 April! There is no correct formula for friendship, and we want to challenge you to tell us how you have found friends. By saying #letsdosomething, you can make your new or old friend happy. With friendship, we can promote communal spirit together!

Contact information

Annu Komulainen, influence expert

Sonja Tervala, student intern

The graphic layout of the campaign is designed by Janika Lähdes.

#Letsdosomething #studentsmentalhealthday