Get involved

Are you a student in university or a person working in university /student association?  Would you like to contribute by your part to the work of enhancing university students’ sense of community?

Sign up on Yhdessä Yhteisöksi -project’s list of volunteers and we will be in touch with you, when different opportunities to participate come up.

Volunteer work may include for example:

  • writing a blog or story about some viewpoint concerning university students’ sense of community
  • giving an interview about the topic
  • making a video
  • producing content for example to project’s Instagram-channel or website
  • participating to a student jury
  • possibility to come and join some workshops or events concerning the issue

Volunteer work may include some other possibilities also. You don’t have to commit to anything you don’t want to do, everything is based on your own voluntary. *You can also exit from the voluntary list whenever you want to.

For more information: Annina Lindberg, project coordinator / Nyyti ry, tel. 050 341 7473

* The processing of personal data is subject to all data protection regulations, including the European Union General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).  List information is processed in accordance with the Privacy Statement of the Nyyti Association Volunteers Register. Read more about Nyyti’s privacy practices.