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Follow the news of the project and topical issues here on the website , and also on project’s Instagram channel @yhdessayhteisoksi. Join as a follower and stay updated about interesting contents about sense of community and loneliness, as well as the progress of the project. You can also take part of the discussion on Instagram or share your ideas about enhancing sense of community!

In social media you recognize us from hashtags #yhdessäyhteisöksi #eijätetäketäänyksin #mukaanporukoihin #yhteisöllisyydestähyvinvointia – you can contribute to the discussions also by using the same hashtags! We discuss about the topic of sense of community also on Nyyti ry’s social media accounts in Facebook, Instagram and Twitter – check them out also!

From now on, you can recognize the project form its fresh and attractive visual look and logo which are created by Design Inspis. The colors of the visual look are bright and matching turquoise, orange, pink, black and white, which together make up the project’s unified look. The illustration of the project has highlighted the diversity of university students, but also the everlasting opportunity for individuals to create a united group where is room for everyone. A community. You can also find a distinctive scarf having its own role in the illustrations of the project – scarf being the symbol of an common factor combining all of these wonderful individuals together.

Project’s poster is available to be used by anyone who is interested in enhancing students’ sense of community. You can use the poster to market for example different kinds of events: just fill the empty spaces with the information of your current event – easy and convenient! You can also subscribe project’s printed poster (size A2) to your use by contacting us.

Be in touch if you have any questions about the visual appearance of the project or the social media channels:
Annina Lindberg, project coordinator, tel. 050 341 7473