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Jobs / internships

Internship at Nyyti

Apart from taking part in Nyyti’s operations in general, trainees usually carry out a project of their own in the field of promoting students’ mental health. Such projects have e.g. been to compile a self-help course for an online environment, to produce a podcast series and to implement a campaign on a certain theme.

Often trainees also participate in wellbeing days and workshops as well as in moderating chats. We strive to find such a set of tasks that inspires the trainee. At present, Nyyti offers limited operations in English, but we would happily broaden our scope to such forms as online courses and podcasts. English speaking trainees are thus more than welcome!

The interships for the spring term year 2021 are full. For the autumn term 2021 we welcome open applications until April. Further information on the decision making schedule will be updated on this website no later than March.

You may send your open application to Development Manager Leena Tuuttila, email:

Job openings

At the moment we don’t have any open jobs, but you can send us an open job application via email to