Share your story – participate in a raffle!

Stories differentiate us humans from other animals. There were stories well before we had books. Through them we learn about ourselves and the world. As social beings, we are interested in our relationships with other people and our community. It feels good to know that someone else has experienced something similar and to hear how they have managed their way through their difficulties.

Do you carry a story? A story with which you could structure your own experiences, while giving others the joy of recognizing themselves or understanding different life situations better? At the moment, we are collecting stories for our communication in April and May.

In our communication in April, we focus on friendship and community. Have you experienced strong friendship or crushing loneliness? How does good friendship differ from harmful friendship? In what kind of groups or communities do you feel accepted and why? Have you tried any active ways to find friends? With what result?

In May, our communication concentrates on issues of equality and compassion. Do you belong to a minority that is not visible on the outside? Have you been afraid of how others will see you and treat you if they find out? Maybe your minority position is visible to all. How, then, have you been treated and met? Have you been met with compassion? What ways have you found to take care of yourself and protect your own wellbeing? How do you practice self-compassion? On the other hand, even if you do not belong to a minority, have you acted compassionately toward others and yourself? How and in what kind of situations?

Write to us either under your own name or under a pseudonym, and we will share your story this spring to the delight of other students. The stories are submitted via a form on Nyyti’s website (link). Among everyone who submitted a publication-friendly story no later than 27.3.2020, we raffle three pairs of cinema tickets to Finnkino. We will contact the winners the following week.

Further information: Sofia Lindqvist, specialist,, 050 349 9294.