Students’ Mental Health Day is next week, on Thursday, 22 April, and it includes a two-week campaign on social media from 12 to 23 April 2021. In this year’s #HelpWorthy campaign, we talk about involvement and everyone’s right for help.

The effects of the past year with the COVID-19 pandemic on students’ coping and mental health have been significant. Distance learning and social distancing have destroyed the opportunities for receiving social support. It may have been difficult to seek help as the services have been congested, and in many cases, people do not even know where to start. Shame and the fear of being stigmatized may also increase the threshold for seeking help.

With our #HelpWorthy campaign for Students’ Mental Health Day, we want to highlight the many forms of helping while encouraging people to share their personal experiences, and, first and foremost, to encourage young people and students to seek help when they feel the need for it.

When you need support, help is available. The most important thing is that you are not left alone with your worries. On our website, you can find different organizations providing help for students and young adults facing various life challenges, grouped by theme.

Participate in the #HelpWorthy social media challenge

We all sometimes need help in our life. You are #HelpWorthy any time you feel the need for support from others.

Participate in the Students’ Mental Health Day campaign from 12 to 23 April by sharing your thoughts on and experiences of seeking help. Encourage your friends to do the same. By being open, you will provide others around you with the much-needed space to feel that they are #HelpWorthy.

Together we can break down the internal and social barriers which prevent us from seeking help!

Participate in the campaign

The goal of our annual campaign is to provoke conversations about students’ mental health and to invite everyone to support the cause of mental wellbeing. The background force behind the campaign is Opiskelijahyvinvointiverkosto (network for students’ wellbeing), coordinated by Nyyti ry.

During the campaign, we will be sharing a lot of content related to the theme on the campaign site and on Nyyti’s social media channels. On the site, you can find information about the themes, tips for planning various activities, the material bank, and the chance to register your campaign activity in advance. The campaign is aimed at everyone studying in universities, colleges and upper secondary education, professionals working with students, and all others interested in the theme. The campaign is for everyone!

Donating with Pivo

For the first time, this year you can donate to the campaign by using the Pivo application. Pivo is a free payment application for customers of any Finnish bank, and donating with it is easy and safe. Your donation will be transferred to Nyyti in full. By donating, you can support our operations: The funds raised will be used for work on students’ mental health and study capacity and the prevention of mental health problems. Read more about donating with Pivo.

Join us – Students’ minds matter!


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