Nyyti ry strengthens its online and peer support activities to support students in coping with the corona crisis

The Funding Centre for Social Welfare and Health Organisations, STEA, has granted Nyyti an additional project grant to strengthen peer support operations online from June to December. The purpose is to respond to students’ increased need for support in the current exceptional circumstances.

Due to the grant received, we can continue to offer group chats at a higher rate until the end of the year and the chats will not stop for the summer. The open discussion groups will continue. In addition, new forms of activities will be launched and tested, such as remote discussion groups and interactive support via Nyyti’s Instagram account. Volunteers will be strongly involved in the implementation of the activities.

Follow our channels to hear when and how new activities begin! If you are interested in helping to design and implement new forms of activities, please contact Linda Lindström, coordinator for online operations.


Further information:

Linda Lindström, Coordinator for Online Operations, linda.lindstrom@nyyti.fi

Sofia Lindqvist, Development Manager, sofia.lindqvist@nyyti.fi