Finnish municipal elections are held on June 13. Nyyti, among many others, wants to make a difference and emphatically remind both the candidates and the voters of the importance of mental health and social participation.

“Municipalities make decisions that directly affect youth and students’ daily lives, such as the manner in which education is organized, public transportation, and mental health services. Yet, young adults have the lowest voter turnout in all elections out of all age groups. We want to do our part in raising youth and students’ participation levels in voting by discussing themes that are important to them: mental health and social participation,” says Minna Savolainen, executive director at Nyyti ry.

It is essential that mental health themes become a more visible part of societal dialogue. Nyyti wants to remind and encourage candidates to think of concrete actions that could improve mental health and well-being on a municipal level. Nyyti would also like to encourage everyone to vote!

Nyyti’s municipal election goals are threefold:

1. Young people and students in need of help shall not be left to wait – support for mental health issues needs to be available locally and promptly.

2. Mental health skills should be reinforced through the whole educational path – mental health skills bolster well-being, improve psychological dexterity, and help overcome difficult times.

3. We can make a difference in mental health  vote for a living environment that promotes mental health.

Support, Skills, and Inclusivity – Improved Mental Health and Well-Being!

You can learn more about Nyyti’s municipal election goals here. The page also includes a detailed election schedule.

Content discussing Nyyti’s municipal election goals will be posted on the organization’s social media channels all spring long until the election is over.


For more information, contact

Sanni Lehtinen, Nyytis chairperson,

Minna Savolainen, Nyytis Executive Director,

Annu Komulainen, Nyytis Specialist, Public Relations,


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