Students’ personal stories are among the most popular content on our website. You may share your story with us, at any time, on any topic, but right now we are particularly interested in stories for our communications in social media during October and November. Are you sitting on a story about compassion, coping or perhaps about building yourself and your identity in the collision between different impressions and norms?

In October we focus on compassion and coping

In October, we address issues related to compassion and coping. Has your endurance been tested during your studies? How has it occurred and how have you noticed the situation yourself? How did you react? Have you needed and received help from someone else? Have you learned to better understand yourself and your needs? Have you started to respect your boundaries better and be more compassionate towards yourself?

In November self and identity are at the center of our attention

In November, we focus on the self and identity. Have you experienced that you are different from others? Do you differ from others in the student community, for example, based on your class background, appearance, mother tongue, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity, state of health, your bodily traits or lifestyle? Have you recovered or are you recovering from an eating disorder? Or maybe you have sought yourself actively otherwise? Would you like to share your story of finding and building your own self and identity in the early 2020s? What events or impressions have been decisive for you? How have you and your environment reacted to yourself? Is there anything you would like people in general to understand and think about? What would you like to say to someone who is taking their first steps on the same path as you?

How do I share my story?

Do you want to share your story to structure your own experience and help others? You can write your story under a pseudonym or your own name. Topics other than the communication themes mentioned above are also welcome. Let yourself be inspired by other people’s stories and write your own!