I’m Eeva and I work with communication in Nyyti. I’m making the Students’ Mental Health Day campaign in the spring and communication tasks on Ympäristöahdistuksen mieli -project, which is about eco emotions during the year 2022.  

Smiling woman who has brown curly hair and is wearing a blue shirt with white dots.

I’m passionate about learning more how mental health is affected by ecological crisis and how to make effective communication. Learning something new is also inspiring, and in this work I am constantly learning new things.  

I look forward to learning new skills and collaboration with colleagues. I hope I can contribute to increasing discussion about eco emotions the effects of the environmental crisis on mental health.  

In addition to my professional experience, I have first-hand experience of studying with a mental disorder as well as experience of eco anxiety. I hope to be able to utilize experiential knowledge in my work. I am also a mental health and environmental activist and I also want to bring a little activist attitude with me. 

In my free time I do activism and outdoor activities like skiing and sailing. I also like yoga and reading.