Approximately one in three higher education students have experienced bullying during their studies. Bullying is a serious phenomenon that affects the entire student community.

Nyyti’s project Puhutaan kiusaamisesta(“Let’s talk about bullying!”) strives to reduce and prevent bullying in the context of higher education communities.

The project will implement a large, national communication campaign in the autumn, 9 – 27 September 2019. We are searching for a team of volunteers who would like to participate in the planning and execution of the campaign. Please submit your application by 28 May 2019 in order to become a part of our team.

What you can do as part of the team and what Nyyti can offer to you

As avolunteer, you can be involved in coming up with ideas, brainstorming, planning and executing the communication campaign based on your own interests and timetable. You do not need previous experience of working in a campaign. We will offer you an induction, a certificate of working as a volunteer and an opportunity to have an impact on decreasing bullying in the context of higher education communities. Every volunteer who participates in the communication team commits to creating and maintaining an atmosphere that is confidential and appreciative.

As a campaign volunteer you can, for example:

  • plan and create the contents and materials of the campaigncreate content for social media
  • share your own experience of bullying in the higher education community (anonymously/ using your own name)
  • write a blog post
  • be involved in planning and executing the campaign video
  • brainstorm and/or execute a podcast related to the theme
  • use your imagination and propose your own ideas

Working in the team and the induction

The communication team will have a closed Facebook group in order to communicate and work. The introductions are held in the form of Facebook Live broadcasts. You can participate from any place you want, for example from your own couch.

Here is the introduction schedule:

Wednesday 5 June 2019, from 5 pm to 7 pm

Wednesday 12 June 2019, from 5 pm to 7 pm

Here’s how you can participate

Please fill in this form  by 28 May 2019 if you wish to join the volunteer team.


For more information please contact:

Minttu Naarminen: or

Marjaana Hulkko: