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Oh my does it get dark in Finland!

Kaamos is a finnish word for the darkest time of the year. Its a shock for Finns who have been living with it their entire life. On top of all that, people might get insomnia during kaamos time. That´s a very hot cup of tea from a mental health perspective. Its exhausting. Come and chat with us to find out you´re not alone with these problems. Share your feelings and thoughts with other students.

Nyyti’s Chat is a place for sharing thoughts, feelings and experiences. This group chat is meant for all students and chats will cover subjects surrounding issues that affect student’s daily lives. Chats are also anonymous and free of charge. There will always be Nyyti’s volunteers or employees at the chat with you. Remember to behave according to the priciples for a safer space. 

Feel free to come along, don’t worry about spelling or fluency – the most important thing is to be involved!