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During the campaign, we will highlight different perspectives on the significance of compassion and self-compassion in the life of a student. Do you have experiences you would like to share?

Perhaps you have gained strength from another person’s approving expression or encouraging words? Maybe you have helped another person by taking their side? Maybe you’ve been able to encourage yourself in a difficult situation? Or perhaps you have had to cope without compassion at a time when you would have needed it the most?

Your experiences are important – could you consider sharing them with others in the form of a story? We post stories on our website and share them on social media during the campaign.

You can write your story anonymously or use your name. You can also make the story as a video, a poem, a comic, etc. – use the medium that feels the most natural to yourself.  You can submit your story to us through the form on our website by 17 March 2022.

Join us – Mind matters!

#AivanHyvä #HeltBra #GoodEnough