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About the campaign

Background of the Students’ Mental Health Day

Students’ Mental Health Day is a nationwide campaign which aims to provoke conversations about current and important themes related to students’ mental health. The purpose is also to highlight matters and activities that can promote mental wellbeing in study communities. This year, the campaign is exceptionally fully arranged and implemented on social media.

The campaign is based on the thought that mental health is a resource and the cornerstone of our wellbeing. It’s worth taking care of. Mental wellbeing can be maintained and increased through small actions. These are the things that we want to highlight on Students’ Mental Health Day and remind everyone that students’ minds do matter. The campaign also aims to reduce the stigma related to mental health problems thrue havin a different theme each year.

The campaign is organized annually in the spring, this year it is on the 13th of April 2022. 

During the campaign, we will share varied and interesting themed content on our campaign site and on social media, such as blog entries, stories, informative articles, and videos. Invite all to think up ideas and small actions in the everyday life of your own community or your study community.

The campaign is aimed at everyone studying in universities, colleges and upper secondary education, professionals working with students, and all others interested in the theme. The campaign is for everyone!

Behind the scenes of the campaign is the Student Wellbeing Network coordinated by Nyyti ry.

Join us – Mind matters!