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Compassion is an underutilized superpower YLE News Story 9 / 2020

The original story was released by YLE on their website on September 3, 2020:

Participate in social media challenges organized by the “Havaintoja ihmisestä” show this fall. Report acts of kindness that you see or perform yourself. This fall, we will also face our own mistakes with grace. The Twitter hashtag for these challenges is #ystävällisyys.

Studies suggest that compassion improves our thinking and increases our wellbeing. Experiences of safety, connection, and compassion are important to us as human beings. Respecting others also creates an upwards trajectory for our morals. “Seeing benevolence is attractive to us, and it creates an urge to do better as a human being,” explains Miia Paakkanen, who is a compassion researcher. In this fall’s “Havaintoja ihmisestä” (Observations on the Human Condition) series, journalist Satu Kivelä tries to uncover the meaning of kindness and compassion in four episodes.

The First Challenge Begins on September 3! Report a Friend or Stranger for Their Act of Kindness!

September 3: In the “Kindness in Work Life” (Ystävällisyys työelämässä) episode, we ask if a workplace can handle tears. Studies have shown that people are braver and more creative in a group that makes them feel accepted. We interview Mari Juote, who is a solution-centered work supervisor.

October 1: What’s a compassionate outlook on life like? Good deeds inspire others around you. Compassion can be learned. We interview compassion researcher Miia Paakkanen.

Second Challenge Goes Live in November! Admit Your Mistakes!

November 19: How can you be kind to yourself as well as others? Self-imposed insults reduce motivation and increase stress. We interview Mari Juote, who is a solution-centered work supervisor.

December 3: How have compassion exercises changed the way people view themselves and others? Students discuss the effects of their exercises and open up their journals. We interview “Compassion in Higher Education” Project Manager Laura Heimonen.

The Compassion in Higher Education project is part of YLE’s Havaintoja ihmisestä series and its social media campaigns this fall, in cooperation with the University of Jyväskylä.

“Compassion is a helpful skill in stressful social situations, and it can be a calming force when there’s turbulence in your life. With compassion skills, we can steer away from merciless or accusatory thinking and change our thinking to more forgiving interpretations, where the primary motive is caring about ourselves as well as others,” says Laura Heimonen, project manager for Compassion in Higher Education.

More information about Compassion in Higher Education.