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Become a volunteer

As a Nyyti volunteer, you get to contribute to the mental well-being of your student peers. Your thoughts and experiences are an important source of knowledge and support for us and to other students. Help us create the kind of student culture where mental health and compassion matter!

As a student, you’re a first-hand expert in students’ mental health. Welcome to join us!

Volunteer assignments

Here we have listed our current volunteer assignments. Our assignments do not have mandatory hourly requirements, you can participate whenever you like. Choose the most comfortable way for you down below. If you can’t find anything to your liking, or you might have an idea of your own that you’d like to try, we are always open for suggestions!

Become a peer counselor for our online group activities


Nyyti’s group chat is a place where people discuss topics related to students’ lives and daily encounters. As a chat counselor, the main task – apart from providing peer support – is to keep things flowing; activate the discussion, introduce new or different points of view to the participants and to maintain an open, anti-oppressive and welcoming atmosphere. You can do the work remotely from anywhere in Finland (or abroad if you wish, e.g. if you go on an exchange). Each chat is usually done by two volunteers, or a volunteer and a Nyyti employee. Chat counselors receive an hour long training before starting their work, and have continuous check-ups with Nyyti’s employees while active.

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Online meetups

Our online meetups provide a perfect opportunity to catch a break in your daily life and to focus on yourself and your well-being.  Nyyti’s open group sessions are open to all students. These sessions are organized through Zoom, and last about an hour each time. Each session is centered around different topics and also usually include mindfulness or exercises.  The meetups are led by trained volunteers.

This has been a new activity for Nyyti, which had a trial run during the Fall semester 2020. During the Spring of 2021   Nyyti arranged virtual meetups specifically aimed for males and male-identifying students in accordance with the concept Miesten vuoro created by Metropolia Uni. The meetups are a part of Nyyti’s and Väestöliitto’s mutual project preparations regarding mental health of young men in Finland. The situation of the virtual meetups is open for the autumn semester 2021.

Produce a podcast

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to produce a podcast?

As of 2021, Nyyti’s volunteers can also participate in producing their own episodes in our podcast series NyytiCast  – also in English! Due to this new endeavor, we arranged our first ever podcast training in co-operation with journalism teachers at Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences in January 2021. During the spring focused on defining the concept for NyytiCast. After that volunteers have been free to start producing content for the NyytiCast series. There are comprehensive instructions for creating your own episode and a video tutorial on how to take on the technology. We also offer sparring for the script and, if necessary, guidance with the technicalities. If you have some understanding of Finnish, you may listen to the first volunteer produced episode #40: The Importance of Social Needs.

Did we peek your interest? Would you like to produce a podcast?  Sign up here, and we will contact you!

Share your everyday life on our Instagram

As a volunteer, you can take over our Instagram account @nyytiry for a week. During your Gram week, you get to share pictures and feelings about your daily life as a student as well as speak on topics of your choosing about mental well-being. Our volunteers’ posts can be found on our Instagram under #NyytinVapari #NyytiVolunteer

During your Instagram week, you can also organize interactive activities with other volunteers and/or Nyyti’s employees, like by doing a video or live broadcasts. You can also participate as a guest on Nyyti’s IG- streamshow NyytiTalk goes Instagram.

Make a longer video or shorter Reels

You can share your thoughts and views in a video on our channels! You can craft a video clip alone or in a group — maybe with your classmates or other volunteers. Choose a style and form that suits you best, and it’s always a positive thing to get creative with a video. We publish videos continuously on our website and social media channels, e.g. YouTube.  Instructions on how to make a video.

Reels are Instagram’s form of TikTok- videos. By doing Reels you can help Nyyti expand our online presence in a fresh and interactive way either during your volunteer week or otherwise. You can e.g. dance, do a longer promotional Story- post or use humour. The only limit is your fantasy! You can find examples of Reels on our channel.

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Take a stand on our blog

Would you like to share your thoughts and insights on how students’ mental health and general well-being could be improved? Our blog Mielellä on väliä! (Mind matters) talks about everything related to students’ welfare, takes a stand on issues, and encourages further discussion. Check out our blog here.

Share your Story

Want to share a story about something that touches you personally? You can write a story about your thoughts and experiences in life. You can discuss, for example, what gives you joy or strength. You can also talk about how you have found ways to overcome challenges you’ve encountered as a student. By sharing your story, you can empower others and help others make realizations about their own lives. We publish these stories on our website and social media channels. To share your story, go here.

More information and signing up

For more information, contact:
Sofia Lindqvist, Specialist in Volunteer Activities and Nyyti’s Swedish activities
050 349 9294

Interested in our activities? Please register and we will contact you! We process registrations once a month, except in July when we are on holiday. Before signing up, please see our Data Protection and Personal Information policy (unfortunately this site is only available in Finnish at the moment).

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