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World Mental Health Day

World Mental Health Day 2020 – Greenlight listening!

World Mental Health Day is celebrated on October 10th. This year we want to highlight the positive effects of listening, genuine presence and being heard on our mental health. We encourage everybody to attentive listening in everyday encounters.

Everyone deserves to be heard. Every day. Everywhere. How one is ”seen” by others affects directly one’s mental health. Simply by listening we can positively affect one’s wellbeing and help to build a more equal society.

Here’s how you can participate in the World Mental Health Day campaign:

  • When meeting others, be present and listen genuinely. How many lives can you enrich with an appreciative encounter?
  • Arrange green lighting on 10.10. at 6pm. Shine green light on your window, building or a monument.
  • Get dressed in green: choose green clothes or accessories. Share the photo on Instagram and FB with the hashtags #vihreäävaloa #greenlightlistening #kymppikymppi #maailmanmielenterveyspäivä. Images posted with the symbol #vihreäävaloa during 5.-11.10. will participate in a raffle to win a gift card to audio and e-book service Bookbeat.
  • Develop your listening skills. Explore campaign materials.
  • Support MIELI ry’s mental health work! Donate 10 euros on 10.10. Text MIELI to number 16499 (message price 10 €).

Read more about MIELI ry’s campaign.

#vihreäävaloa #ketävoisitkuunnella #kymppikymppi #maailmanmielenterveyspäivä

World Mental Health Day 2019 – Green Light for Life

Ask the most important question in the world: How are you?

This years international theme for the World Mental Health Day, taking place on 10.10.2019, is suicide prevention.

In Finland we often talk about the role and importance of mental health in the ups and downs of life: about caring and talking about issues. That is why we are continuing on the same theme as World Suicide Prevention Day and asking the most important question in the world: How are you?

On World Mental Health Day, we are campaigning for a more open culture of discussion and aim to decrease the stigma that surrounds discussions on mental health.

We will be showing green light to life and challenge all of you to shine your buildings, windows, memorials etc. with green. You can also dress up in green!

In Helsinki, World Mental Health Day will be celebrated at the Oodi library. Low threshold discussion help will be provided from 3pm to 8pm in the lobby of the library. At 3pm in Oodi, there will also be a panel discussion on youth mental health and how well-being could be improved in our society.

You are welcome to join us!

In addition, illustrators from CupOfTherapy will be drawing spirit animals from 6pm to 8pm. Participants will also receive a small source of light for a dark autumn night.

Participate in World Mental Health Day

1. Shine a green light for life! Organise a green light or green lighting in your own municipality.
2. Dress or accessorise in green! Share your green outfits or lighting on Instagram and Facebook with the hashtags #vihreäävaloa #kymppikymppi #mitäkuuluu

Shine with Green Light
After 6pm on World Mental Health Day on 10.10.2019, let’s shine buildings, windows or for example important personal items with green light. Shining green light symbolises the removal of stigma surrounding mental health. When you shine green light, you are showing everyone equally, regardless of diagnosis, that you are a part of working toward a more open culture of discussion. Share a photo of your green light with the hashtags #vihreäävaloa #kymppikymppi #mitäkuuluu

World Mental Health Day 2019 – focus on suicide prevention