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Tips for organizing activities

Tips for organizing activities

Would you like to organize activities within your study community on Students’ Mental Health Day but are lacking ideas? Read about the events of spring 2018 (available in Finnish) and join us in coming up with new ideas.

Gather a group to think about what kinds of things and actions support mental wellbeing within the study community. Come up with ideas on how to implement them on Students’ Mental Health Day. You can use the 2019 campaign theme ‘#ruuhkakevät and stress’ in your brainstorming. You can also use the campaign materials for organizing activities.

Registered activities will be published on the campaign site, and you can browse them here. (not availble yet)

Register your activity by filling out this form. (not availble yet)

Here are some ideas to help you out:

  • a workshop on stress or stress management tools
  • a panel discussion in a lobby/auditorium
  • relaxation moments
  • a challenge for the whole staff: organize the students a small breather or some other moment related to the campaign
  • an ideal break room created in the school or university for the duration of the campaign
  • the students’ own recreational day
  • breakfast, snacks or coffee offered during the campaign
  • an art exhibition in the lobby (ask students for drawings/photographs on the theme ”studying and stress”)
  • a nature trip
  • a message board in the lobby, used for writing tips on stress management for other students

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