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Abuse and addiction

Helpline (Peluuri)

When gambling causes harm, call 0800 100 101 on Mon-Fri at 12-18.


Peluuri prevents and reduces the social, financial and health-related problems caused by gambling. The services are free of charge, and through registration on OmaPeluuri, you get free access to peer support 24/7, discussion groups and a diary to share your own thoughts and experiences, a guided Chat once a month and a 6-week Kickstart Change- group for gamblers.


The AddictionLink is Finland’s most popular online service on drugs and addictions. The service is intended for drug users and their relatives, as well as anyone who is interested in information about drugs.

A-Clinic Foundation

The A-Clinic Foundation is a non-profit, non-governmental organisation for the prevention of substance abuse. The foundation owns A-Clinic Ltd that offers substance abuse and mental health services.


The Dopinglinkki net service provides information and counseling in doping issues. The purpose is to reduce the use of doping substances, and health problems caused by them. The service has been developed by the A-Clinic Foundation together with the Finnish Anti-Doping Committee ADK and the Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare (THL).

Pelirajat’on (Sosped Foundation)

Pelirajat’on is a nationwide project of the Sosped Foundation. It is a non-governmental social welfare and healthcare organisation which promotes individual well-being using methods focused on involvement, peer support and communality for those with a gambling problem and their close friends and family.