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Instructions and tips for making videos

You can participate in our volunteer activities by making a video about something that interests you. For example, you can deal with themes related to studies, well-being and mental health. You can make the video by yourself or with a group – for example with fellow students or other volunteers. The style is free and ingenuity is just a plus. A video is a great way to express yourself and make your voice heard!

Instructions and tips:

  • Try to keep the video short (maximum length 2 minutes, note that in Instagram the video length can be a maximum of 1 minute).
  • You can make the video in whichever genre you like (eg interview, animation, story).
  • You can produce the video by various means (eg phone, tablet, camcorder).
  • If you use existing materials (eg pictures, music), remember to consider copyright issues.
  • If you are filming other people in your video, be sure to request and receive permission to take pictures.
  • You can also create the video with a friend or a group of friends.
  • You can take use various video editing programs and applications, for example iMovie, Windows Moviemaker, Lightworks, Shotcut, Da Vinci Resolve 12.5, Hitfilm 4 Express, Stop Motion Studio, WeVideo.

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More information:

Linda Lindström, Specialist in Volunteer Activities
+358 50 530 2449